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What is Vietnam thin hair? Vietnam thin hair ( baby hair) hair is the best wholesale hair price in the World 2019 from Manufactured and hair supplier Vietglobalhair.

Our factory is a highly professional and experienced manufacturer of Vietnam hair, Cambodian hair and Laos hair in Vietnam. We manufacture and supply a wide range of human hair to customers across the world.Our products include: Raw Vietnam hair Raw Cambodian hair Raw Laos hair Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos lace closureVietnam, Cambodia and Laos lace frontalVietnam, Cambodia and Laos silk base closureVietnam, Cambodia and Laos full lace wigsVietnam, Cambodia and Laos half lace wigsVietnam, Cambodia and Laos full lace wigsHair roller( Whole sale raw hair, Hair extensions, Wigs for men and woman ).


( Inch )
( Cm )
Ratio Cut and washing Make equal top Wefting machine
Short length
16 40 35% 581 596 616
18 45 35%
20 50 30%
Long length
22 55 25% 780 795 815
24 60 50%
26 65 25%